Oct 28, 2009


testing my compact camera, it's functioning in the darkness of the night? oh, my stupid camera not as stupid as i think, the result is the panorama view above. it's still useful.
ready for live camera action, waiting the ONAIR signal from the main studio. i have been task to briefing the reporter on what should he report about the facts of the event and the other is spontaneously by him!
this is one of gimmick for Majlis Makan Malam dan Anugerah Kepimpinan Pelajar, UMT 2009. we have been task to brainstorming the idea on what should we do for multimedia of this event.
location at the surrounding of Islamic Civilization Park.
This is JJD, JJD, JJD
position: collapse stadium highway
heading to sultan mahmud airport
our car loss the source of energy
we need immediate assistance
3 peoples onboard
we are beaching.
it happen while we are going to go home.
waiting for rescued by Mr. Adam with KCHcraft RON 95 for onroad refuel.

first time in my life, i never faces this situation which is 'loss the source of energy' while speeding on the 'line clear' highway.
moral: make sure RON95 with us.

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Koleksi lagi sempoi


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