Dec 16, 2009

Why ship called 'SHE'?!

Firstly, i would like to thanks to my friend, PHILO87 because she was post an interesting topic about:-
why ship called SHE!!!...

i was copied 100% from her post and i dont know where she get it. I want to share with you why ship called like that and not 'It'. There are several reasons, why!:-

1- there is always a great deal of bustle around her.
2- there is usually a gang of men about.
3- she has waist and stays.
4- she takes a lot of paints to keep her good looking.
5- she shows her topsides and hides her bottom.
7- she can be all decked out.
8- takes an experienced man to maneuver correctly.
9- and without a man at the helm, she is absolutely un-controllable.

She shows her topsides, hide her bottom and when coming into port, always heads for buoys. Love her, take good care of her and she shall take good care of you.

KNOCK NEVIS currently is the world's largest ship ever build. She have 458.4m long and 68.9m wide

Emma Maersk is largest container ship with 397m long, 56m of beam and 30m depth. Capable loading more than 11,400 containers (between 13,500 to 14,500 TEUs).

Oasis of the Sea currently largest passenger ship (2009-????) with 20 stories high.

pictures from website.

Dec 15, 2009

2010: new mouse

New accessory for 2010: AVF wireless laser mouse:-
6 buttons
1 unit AA battery needed and can last for 3-6 month with 2.4GHz wireless technology
2.4 GHz tecnology 3 time longer connection distance compare with RF wireless RF
connection distance up to 10 metre
hidden USB receiver design
special button for speed sensitivity 800dpi or 1600dpi
package includes:
AVF wireless laser mouse
simple instruction
2.4GHz receiver
price sold RM105.00 but i got RM65, hehehe
why i choose wireless?
- suitable for presentation (time to market ourself)
- my table full with wires (charger, adapter, LAN cable, etc){waiting wireless laptop adapter}
and why laser?
- capable to used on multi-surface including shining surface (but not for glass surface or transparent surface)
- no visible light just a tiny laser beam, difficult to visible with naked eyes.

CAUTION: Laser radiation. Class 1 laser product. DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM.

pictures and edited by HMY-09

Dec 13, 2009

HMY(bksempoi) n MUSA tilt-shifted...

Enjoy the tutorial: link
pictures edited by HMY-09


everything gone, no more beach jogging track. everthing caused by the renovation of sultan mahmud airport...

pictures edited by HMY-09

Oct 28, 2009


testing my compact camera, it's functioning in the darkness of the night? oh, my stupid camera not as stupid as i think, the result is the panorama view above. it's still useful.
ready for live camera action, waiting the ONAIR signal from the main studio. i have been task to briefing the reporter on what should he report about the facts of the event and the other is spontaneously by him!
this is one of gimmick for Majlis Makan Malam dan Anugerah Kepimpinan Pelajar, UMT 2009. we have been task to brainstorming the idea on what should we do for multimedia of this event.
location at the surrounding of Islamic Civilization Park.
This is JJD, JJD, JJD
position: collapse stadium highway
heading to sultan mahmud airport
our car loss the source of energy
we need immediate assistance
3 peoples onboard
we are beaching.
it happen while we are going to go home.
waiting for rescued by Mr. Adam with KCHcraft RON 95 for onroad refuel.

first time in my life, i never faces this situation which is 'loss the source of energy' while speeding on the 'line clear' highway.
moral: make sure RON95 with us.

sinis dan laser...

- dipendekan cerita: kalaulah astro ada pesaing...

Aug 15, 2009


tersasar 195km jauhnya ke Melaka... huhuhu... wahai rakyat Melaka.. tumpang lalu... kami nak g Pontian

Jul 23, 2009

Tayar yang sempoi


sometimes; technology buat aku makin bengong atau ...

Jutawan blogspot yang gila

...andai aku seorang jutawan...
ini la rumah rehat aku untuk percutian
kereta yg direka khas untuk mengembara sahaja

laptop yang berkilau dengan emas dan berlian, processor yang direka khas

menggaji tenaga mahir hanya untuk membasuh kereta yg disadur emas

kolam renang hanya diisi dengan perfume termahal

apa barang guna tisu kertas
air yang ditempah khas yang hanya boleh didapati pada musim sejuk di Himalaya hanya untuk kegunaan flushing tandas

sistem keselamatan 24 jam
jika ada masa terluang, nak main goft atas kapal yg dibina khas
gelas minuman diperbuat daripada berlian, apa barang cawan plastik

ehem, sudah tentu orang gaji yang cantik
gigi haiwan peliharaan ditanam dengan berlian
jenguk diluar tingkap bilik, rupa-rupanya aku bina rumah atas bulan

membeli cahaya bulan, setakat berpuisi dengan kekasih apa barang...

Koleksi lagi sempoi

Koleksi lagi sempoi


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