Dec 15, 2009

2010: new mouse

New accessory for 2010: AVF wireless laser mouse:-
6 buttons
1 unit AA battery needed and can last for 3-6 month with 2.4GHz wireless technology
2.4 GHz tecnology 3 time longer connection distance compare with RF wireless RF
connection distance up to 10 metre
hidden USB receiver design
special button for speed sensitivity 800dpi or 1600dpi
package includes:
AVF wireless laser mouse
simple instruction
2.4GHz receiver
price sold RM105.00 but i got RM65, hehehe
why i choose wireless?
- suitable for presentation (time to market ourself)
- my table full with wires (charger, adapter, LAN cable, etc){waiting wireless laptop adapter}
and why laser?
- capable to used on multi-surface including shining surface (but not for glass surface or transparent surface)
- no visible light just a tiny laser beam, difficult to visible with naked eyes.

CAUTION: Laser radiation. Class 1 laser product. DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM.

pictures and edited by HMY-09

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