Apr 17, 2010

7 Things That Should Not Be Done After Eating!!!

1- Do not smoking.
the posibility to get cancer is greater when smoking a cigarette after a meal and its proven by the research from the expert.
2- Do not eat fruit
it will cause stomach filled with air. So, do it a meal after or before for 1-2 hours.
3- Do not drink tea
we consume is difficult to digest caused of the protein content in foods, its because the tea leaves contain a high acid content.
4- Do not loosened tie around belt.
it will cause the intestine twisted and blocked.
5- Do not walking directly
the digestive system cannot absorb the nutrients from the foods.
6- Do not take a bath or shower
the blood amount around the stomach will continue to decrease because of the increase of blood flow to the hands, feet and body. it will weaken the digestive system in stomach.
7- Do not sleep immediately.
it will cause intestinal inflammation and stomach experience because the foods cannot be digested well.

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Koleksi lagi sempoi


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