Dec 27, 2010

Facebook trick with photoshop

  • Print screen your facebook profile
  • Go to Photoshop and click File>New>Background Contents>Transparent

  •  Click Edit>Paste

  •  Just for example

  •  Click Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)

  •  Select Profile picture (1)> press Shift key> Select picture (2) and so on

  •  Erase the selected pictures

  •  Until it look like this

  •  Choose any picture from your files

  •  Make sure the new picture (layer 3) is below the 'Facebook profile' (layer 1) layer

  •  Resize the picture until it fix properly 

  •  Don't forget the profile picture on the wall post

  •  Reselect the picture with click Rectangular Marquee Tool (M)>press Shift key> Select the picture as the image shown below

  •  Edit>Copy>New Layer>Paste

  •  With new layer, resize it. Make sure it size is equal to wall status picture

  •  Duplicate the layer and drag it to the new picture below. Make sure that picture is yours.

  •  Finally, that is the trick look like.

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Koleksi lagi sempoi


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