Dec 20, 2010

Imej dari mikroskop elektron

The Nylon Hooks & Loops of Velcro

The Weave Of a Nylon Stocking

The Surface Of a Strawberry

The Surface Of An Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Silicon Microchip


Household Dust Which Includes Long Hairs Such As Cat Fur, Twisted Synthetic & Woolen Fibers, Serrated Insect Scales, a Pollen Grain, plant & Insect Remains

A Wood Or Heathland Ant, Formica Fusca, Holding a Microchip


The End Of The Tongue (proboscis) Of a Hummingbird Hawkmot


Human Sperm (Spermatozoa)

Eyelash Hairs Growing From The Surface Of Human Skin

Bacteria On The Surface Of a Human Tongue
The Head Of a Mosquito

A Human Head Louse Clinging To a Hair
The Eight Eyes (two groups of four) On The Head Of a Mexican Red-Kneed Tarantula
Cut Hairs & Shaving Foam Between Two Razor Blades
Cigarette Paper

The Corroded Surface Of a Rusty Metal Nail

The Head Of a Romanesco Cauliflower

The Fungus Aspergillus Fumigatus

Mushrooms Spores

A Clutch Of Unidentified Butterfly Eggs On a Raspberry Plant
A Daisy Bud

Fimbriae Of a Fallopian Tube

Calcium Phosphate Crystal

The Shell Of a Foraminiferan


ezhan_artwork said...

serius cool. tp geli pon ada bila tgk btol2. hihi

Anonymous said...

agak menjijikkan jugakla ble tgk..

bksempoi said...

jijik pun , benda tu sentiasa ada pada kita. urm.. bagaimana kaki lalat yek?

Koleksi lagi sempoi

Koleksi lagi sempoi


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